Here on this site you will find a number of easy to follow articles and information on recovery and treatment of a torn hamstring. You can learn some of the critical mistakes that you should avoid to prevent re-injury and how to best prepare your body for a return to sport.

The Critical First 24 – 72 Hours:

If you have just injured your hamstring and you are still in the first 24 to 72 hours after the hamstring injury occurred then this is the time that it is most critical to rest, ice, compress and elevate (RICE) your injured muscle. Grab an ice pack put it under your injured leg and then read more about the RICE method.

When icing it is important you ice between 10 minutes – 20 minutes with breaks double in length (eg 15 minutes on – 30 minutes off). Read more about ice regime.

Torn Hamstring Articles:

In this section you can find all of the hamstring articles that cover a range of topics. Including why the hamstring injury is so prevalent, potential causes of the injury, the mental battle that a lot of athletes face when recovering and how to prepare your body for a return with the least risk of re-injury. Read more about a torn hamstring.

torn hamstring

Recommended Products:

After you have past the first acute stage of healing it is important to start moving, see your local physiotherapist and start a rehab program.

Also check out the recommended products page, you can find some other recommended materials including physio equipment that is great for self massage, releasing tight muscles and recovering hamstrings.

Questions, Comments or Feedback:

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